8pm, 13th November 2018 – Mothers by Chris Power (Author in-situ)

Casual get together, as ever to review this month’s book: slight difference this month is that the author, Chris Power, will be joining us! 

With reviews ranging from ‘a daring debut short story collection‘ and ‘more than the sum of its parts – not a clutch of episodes, but a single, unified, many-sided work, best read cover to cover’ to ‘lonely voices living in a maternal world’ and ‘a compelling examination of alienation, absurdity and the things that are left unsaid‘.

Get your hands on the book here, or your fingertips on the pixels of it via Kindle here or Kobo here.




Author: cardiffread

We’re an informal book club that meets once a month at Canton Library and afterwards for a drink at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff. We’ve been running since March 2010 and are looking for new members all the time! Any queries, just send us a tweet @cardiffread or drop us a line on cardiffread@gmail.com Cheers! Steve, Laura & Emma

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