How do I register? There is no registration – you’re already a member! 😉

How much does it cost? FREE, nada, nothing, zilch… well £1 for the coffee machine.

Where do you meet? Canton Branch Library, Cardiff, CF5 1DQ

How big is the group? Well… Usually, between 20 to 30 come along to the meetups. But, we’ve nearly 2000 twitter followers and over 500 facebook likes.

What cross section of people do you have? We’re a mixed bunch of twenty to seventy somethings, of all backgrounds, races and nationalities. We have no rules on who attends.

What types of books do you read? All sorts! We’re proactively against picking books on a theme, genre or trend. As you’ll see from our back catalogue, we’ve read everything from fiction to poetry, graphic novels to biographies, short stories to trashy page turners.

How are the books chosen? Steve and Laura choose the books based on the need to keep things interesting and to have a good variety. Our favourite sentence is, “I would never have read this if it wasn’t for book club, but I’m so glad I did“. We do take recommendations too though!

Will you read my book? Maybe we will… We’ve had many authors through the doors including Owen Sheers, Belinda Bauer, William Ryan, Dan Tyte, Bob Rogers, Dean Burnett and Charlie Williams. Feel free to suggest your own book if you think it could be one for us!