8pm, 13th December – Any Roald Dahl book + Secret Santa!

“I-i-i-i-i-i-it’s Chri-i-i-i-i-istmas!” or so yelped Noddy Holder.

As such, it’s time for our annual Secret Santa. Pick a book off your shelf that you’ve love, love, LOVED and write a little note to explain why, but don’t sign off: it needs to be a surprise. Wrap it up in the cheapest wrapping paper you can find and bring it along. We’ll pop them all in a hessian sack (or a carrier, sack supplies are low at this time of year) and take it in turns to pick one out. Then read it over the holidays and come back in January to have a guess at who submitted the book!

In terms of the book of the month; for the first time ever, it’s up to you. Well, kind of. To celebrate the Roald Dahl centenary (have you heard?), we thought we’d end the year with a doff of the cap to Llandaff’s most famous scribe. As such, take your pick from his bibliography (if you’re not keen on reading a kids’ book, there’s Boy, an autobiography of his childhood in our fair (or maybe not) city, over the bridge in England and Norway too.