8pm, 13th March – Montaigne by Stefan Zweig

Recommended to me (SD) with the following…

“There are two kinds of biographies: Long ones which tell you every fact about the person’s life and short ones which capture the person’s essence and the lessons of their life. This biography by Stefan Zweig is a brilliant, urgent and important example of the latter. What I would call a moral biography. That is, a book that teaches you how to live through the story of another person.

If you’ve been struggling with the onslaught of negative news and political turmoil, read Montaigne. Why? It’s the biography of man who retreated from the chaos of 16th century France to study himself, written by a man fleeing the chaos of 20th century Europe. When I say it’s timely, I mean that it’s hard to be a thinking person and not see alarming warning signs about today’s world while reading this book. Yet it also gives us a solution: Turn inward. Master yourself. Montaigne is one of humanity’s greatest treasures—a wise and insightful thinker who never takes himself too seriously.

This book helped me get through 2017, no question.”


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  1. Hi,

    My novel, ‘In the Long Run’ by Valerie Norris (Published by Cambia Books), is out now, available from Amazon, the publishers and some bookshops. I wonder if CardiffRead Book Club would like to include it on their reading list. I’d be happy to send you a copy, and perhaps come and talk to your group. This is what the story is about:

    For Kitty, getting a place in the 1992 London Marathon is a dream come true. When by chance Kitty meets Malcolm, another new marathoner, they decide to train together. And so begins an unlikely alliance that not only affects them but also draws in Kitty’s husband Rob, who is the landlord of the local village pub, and Malcolm’s unhappy wife Celia.

    The relationships and emotions between these two couples, separated by class, age and life-experience, becomes more complex as the marathon training builds, escalating to the climax of Marathon day itself and its aftermath. Key elements of each person’s struggles are exposed and brought to a head as the story unfolds: Kitty’s dissatisfaction with her role in the pub, Rob’s ingrained deference to his overbearing mother, Malcolm’s and Celia’s grief and breakdown of communication.

    Valerie Norris lives in Swansea, Wales with her husband Christopher Norris. She is an Emeritus Professor in Engineering and was Welsh Woman of the Year 1998, both as Valerie Randle. She has run several distance events, including the London Marathon.

    ISBN: 978-1-9996129-6-2

    Email to author: valeriepinheiro@gmail.com
    Website: https://norriswriting.com


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